P.P.U.H. Rejk, ul. Rzgowska 48, 93-172 Łódź, Polska

About Us

Rejk company was founded in 1989, is located in central Poland, which is an advantage because of good communications infrastructure. Since our inception we have been stitching clothes for the needs of companies in accordance with the current fashion trends of the world.

Our services are renowned Polish companies. We also have extensive experience in sewing for export.

Our products are exported to the countries of the European Union: Germany, United Kingdom, France and the United States of America.
The basic premise that guided us since its inception, is the timely execution of the contract. For years, we do our work on time even at short maturities.

Our customers appreciate the opportunity to benefit from our years of experience.

Why choose our company?

Simply because:

  • we are one of the oldest and richest experience of tailoring company in the region
  • we possess precision
  • our clients are always happy with us
  • we sew clothing for customers all over the country but also in Europe
  • WE REALIZE CONTRACTS diligently and on time!
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