P.P.U.H. Rejk, ul. Rzgowska 48, 93-172 Łódź, Polska


PPUH REJK is a women’s clothing manufacturer with many years of experience. What we offer is a wide diversity and abundance of models for women.

a manufacturer of dresses

PPUH REJK is a manufacturer of dresses which depict the combination of design, colour and fabric and allow every woman to feel attractive and unique regardless of the situation

PPUH REJK is a manufacturer of women’s jackets, ranging from classic and timeless design to modern and bold models, in line with the latest trends.

a manufacturer of women’s jackets
a manufacturer of women’s coats

PPUH REJK is a manufacturer of women’s coats made of the best quality materials ensuring comfort and luxury.

PPUH REJK controls and takes care of the whole production cycle – from design and sewing the prototype, through patterns, sizes, to finishing, labelling and packing, or any part of it. We also offer stitching of women’s clothing.

PPUH REJK means an experienced team of professionals, quality controllers and packers. It will certainly meet the highest standards of each client.

stitching of women’s clothing

Our contractors are not only domestic customers, but mainly companies from England, Germany and France. We sew for many European Union countries.

We have our own extensive production infrastructure, that is used to the full to ensure production at the highest quality level.

Our professionalism results not only from many years of experience in the sewing industry and modern production tools, but also from our qualified staff (clothing designers, technologists, seamstresses, supervisors).

Production of PPUH REJK ranges from sewing initial presentation collections through short serial current collections to large seasonal orders.

A state-of-the-art pattern shop, modern cutting room, sewing room as well as finishing room are our assets to satisfy the variety of orders.

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